Facts and FAQs

Would you like to know a little bit more about carpenter ants, and how they destroy your home piece by piece? AAMCOTT PEST CONTROL believes you should know how to recognize and deal with these pests.
Carpenter ants are easily recognized by their black body and large size of 8 to 21mm in length. Carpenters ants go into a form of hibernation during the winter months and become active again in the spring.

Q: How serious is the damage caused by carpenter ants?

A: We have seen new homes, older homes, and homes under construction, where carpenter ants have excavated tunnels in main structural beams and wall studs. Unfortunately, the damage is often not visible unless wall or ceiling cavities are opened. Nests are often discovered during renovations.

Q: How do you find the nests?

A: Through years of experience treating numerous homes, AAMCOTT PEST CONTROL has gained a sense of where the nests are likely to be. By doing a thorough inspection for evidence, we are able to narrow down nest locations to small areas. Your observations are also important.